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The Coir yarn is manufactured either with white or brown fiber and is manually or semi mechanically spun. It is used for Manufacture of mats / matting and carpets, rubber based brush mats / matting’s, nettings / Geo-textiles (land – scalping and on embankments of road construction for prevention of soil erosion). Made out of best one tie brush fiber (2 ply) with 2 cotton or synthetic threads twisted (or inter woven) for additional strength and durability Coir Yarn is widely demanded by innumerable industries, owing to its attributes like optimum quality and natural properties.

Used for making varied different coir products, that is made out of the fiber extracted from coconut husk. Spun with traditional ratts and fully automatic spinning machines. Environmental friendly, this coir yarn is available in different qualities and grades based on the quality of fiber used and nature of the twist. Yarn is generally of 2 ply, spun from coir fiber by hand as well as with the help of traditional ratts, fully automatic spinning machines etc. Available in different forms like hydraulically pressed bales, spools bobbins, dholls, balls etc.
Two Types of Coir Yarn:

Coir Yarn - Hand made.   Coir Yarn - Machine Yarn.
Eco friendly fabrics   Hop Cultivation
Agriculture Farms   Mat making
Construction Industry   Knitting Process
Coir Yarn Properties
Fiber Length
Brown, Golden Brown (White)
3mm, 6mm
120mm to 240mm
< 15% (Max 15%)
Packaging & Shipping
Bale Weight
Container Loadability
As per the customer’s requirements 
10 Kg
18 to 20 tones (40 feet container) As per the customer requirements
All measurements are approximate To Make
We can customize or change the properties along with packing & shipping preferences on customer needs
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