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Curled Coir Rope is made out of matured brown Coir Fiber. The raw material is processed using sophisticated technology and is supplied in the market after stringent quality checks and is known for their strength and have long lasting functional life. We are one of the highly acclaimed Coir Rope Manufacturers and suppliers based at Coimbatore district, India. Our Coconut fiber product is eco-friendly, durable and cost effective

Machine twisted fiber (FMT) is made with natural coir fiber. They are mainly used in rubberized form for automobile seats, spring cover sheets in the bedding industry, Filtering material in the drainage industry, Machine Twisted Fiber is available in different mixtures. We have carved a niche as a Curled Coir Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier from India, specializing in a wide variety. Our Curled Coir is prepared from full-grown coir that is extracted from the finest coconuts. Offered in different weights and thickness ranges, the quality of our Curled Coir makes it apt for manufacturing various products.
Coir Mattress   Coir Cushions
Rubberized Coir Pads   Carpet Underlay’s
Seat Cushions   Insulating Drainage Pipes
Curled Rope Properties
Dia Of Rope
No Of Twist
Fiber Length
15 mm - 25 mm (Standard 20 mm)
18-24 curls per ft (Standard 20 curls per ft)
100 mm - 220 mm
< 15% (Max 15%)
< 3% (Max 3%)
Packaging & Shipping
Bale Weight
Container Loadability
Tightly Strapped Bale 
28-30 Kg
18 to 20 tones (40 feet container)
All measurements are approximate To Make
We can customize or change the properties along with packing & shipping preferences on customer needs

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